Et c'est sans aucun doute pour ca qu'erasmus me manque tant.

Viscéral. Ecrire, filmer, mettre en scène, raconter, décrire, expliquer ne retranscrira jamais véritablement, sincèrement ce qu'il se passe au fond de mon ventre. Explosion. Les mots ne suffise pas. Ne suffise plus.
La mort me fait peur. Stupidiest statement ever, but what can I say - God, I miss speaking english so badly - I can not picture myself loosing so much people. Even though I'm quite realistic, I know what's coming. But I absolutely don't see the point. We're all gonna lose. And I'm too much of a fucking coward to face the truth. So I'm building up fake realities. where I'm going back to Trekroner for the rest of my life, where I'm finnaly brave enough to risk having my heart broken in pieces, where I'm dying before everyone else I love. Sparing myself the pain. Selfish bitch that I am.

Dansk pislner et inconnus de tous cotés, de tous cotés.
I was so affraid that, coming back home, I wouldn't belong anymore, people had forgot me, they had changed. I didn't even consider the opposite : I changed, you did not.

Je m'ennuie d'avance des soirées identiques à toutes celles d'avant, à toutes les autres. Je m'ennuie d’avance des conversations sans fin. Je m'ennuie d'avance des « thés » les dimanches après-midi et des gros mac le vendredi ET le samedi. Rien n'a changé. Je m'ennuie d'avance des histoires que putain, oui on a déjà entendu des centaines de milliards de fois. Oui nos vies sont devenues tellement monotones que l'on doit animés nos soirées en remuant les souvenirs d'autres bien plus drôles.

Si fucking prévisible.

I want to meet new people every week. To learn useless word in Spanish, Turkish or Polish. And forget them right away. To play stupid drinking games. To dance like the craziest girl on earth on shitty songs. To screan those with random people. To make random jokes in english, even if they doesn't really mean anything. To drink weird Slovakian or Autrichian alcohol. To live with strangers that will become my friends.

I miss the unexpected. I miss the novelty. I 'm already bored with this life, I had so much trouble leaving. This life I'm gonne have to get use to. This life who's going to seem to be enough in a couple of weeks (months?). When Erasmus will be nothing more than dusting memories. Alomost unreal.

Real life sucks.
And that's definitely why Erasmus is that amazing.

Et comme toujours, je suis dans l'extreme.
The sea wants to kiss the golden shore & the sunlight warms your skin. - Ordinary love ?